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Trad Song Pub Session at The Barley Mow

Nov 24


The Almonte Trad Song pub session follows the tradition of people gathering in a local pub to sing and play for their own pleasure. We emphasize simple traditional songs with choruses​ ​so that others can join in​​ - work songs, sea shanties, old gospel tunes and the like - most often unaccompanied​.  The stronger singers lead and sing the verses and everyone joins in on the choruses.

To lead a song, you should pretty much know it by heart and the first​ couple of rounds are reserved for those who have prepared a chorus song.  In later rounds, if there is time, we will hear the occasional ballad or other solo piece.  Most of the songs come from the British Isles and North America but we welcome songs from other traditions as well contemporary classics that follow the traditional idiom.

For more information about the​ ​Trad Song session, including a brief discussion of what makes a song "traditional", see the FAQ page or contact David.

Join in. Anyone can lead.


The Barley Mow
79 Little Bridge Street
Almonte, ON K0A 1A0

Phone: 613-256-5669
Website: Click to Visit

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Phone: 613-355-5552
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